Our school offers a high-quality developmentally appropriate program for young children.  We focus on literacy, writing, math, social studies, and critical thinking skills.  Our curriculum is supported by the early childhood standards for the state of Kansas.

We believe children learn best by constructing their own knowledge.  Therefore, we incorporate hands-on activities across the curriculum.

We believe that each child is unique and will contribute to our learning community.  Each child’s confidence and social skills are enhanced through interacting in a group, as well as working one-on-one with a teacher.


Miss Sarah


Miss Sarah is a veteran classroom teacher who has a true passion for teaching children.  Sarah is the owner and head instructor at Bright Start.

She obtained her Bachelor Degree of Science in Elementary Education from Emporia State University and is a former first grade teacher at Glenwood Ridge Elementary.   

Sarah is trained in the KALL program (Kansas Accelerated Literacy Learning).  This intricate program focuses on providing students with successful reading and writing experiences.  It also supports the reading instruction students will receive when they go to kindergarten.  Additionally, Sarah has taken over 100 hours of continuing education hours in the field of early childhood education.

Sarah will do anything to help her students be the most successful they can be.  She is in charge of each class and is involved in each student’s progress.  She believes that every student should feel loved, safe, and successful.  Along with a little bit of “love and logic,” her students will move on to be responsible, independent- thinkers, and prepared for the real world.

Miss Lacey

Miss Lacey has always had a job that involves working with children.  She has a talent for organization and fun.

She has been a Kindergarten Enrichment teacher for the DeSoto school district for 10 years.  She was definitely a favorite among students and parents there.  This experience has prepared her to know what it takes to prepare children for success in Kindergarten.  Miss Lacey has a niche for running a structured classroom where children learn a lot and have fun at the same time!